Project bike storage / shed design

The bikes in the house are starting to take up too much room so it’s time to sort out a storage solution. Originally my bike was stored under the carport chained up to the support structure until one night a passer by decided they liked my bike. Since they couldn’t steal it because it was locked up, instead they chose to remove everything from the bike that wasn’t locked up, leaving me with a nice bike frame.

The new storage shed will need to fit in the small backyard. Unfortunately, there is limited space out the back, and the most ideal location is located against the northern fence and the kitchen wall. This means the shed must be under the 1300mm height to the base of the kitchen window. Today measurements were made up of the available area as well as the desired cargo (two adult bikes, two childrens bikes and some garden tools) and the ideal size is 1300x1100x2050 mm. No off the shelf items are available to suit, so it’ll be a custom design job.

Initial trip to bunnings tonight to determine easily available materials. Best choices available as follows. For the frame, 19 mm RHS aluminium, 20 mm RHS steel or metal mate 32 mm  slotted steel angle. Joining will likely be rivets or bolts. Coating materials will either be colourbond style fencing sheets, or old-school corrogated iron, but I’m preferencing the former at this point.

Initial concept sketches to be posted tomorrow along with expected project costs to allow for material selection.

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Time for a redesign

Unfortunately you’ve caught me at a bad time. With the recent completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I’ve decided it’s time for a repurposing of my online presence. Historically, it was a testing zone for website development I’d been undertaking, but I’ve decided going forward it will be a demonstration of tasks that I’ve undertaken providing examples of some of my work and hopefully a few useful tips or ideas for anyone attempting anything similar. So, keep an eye on this spot for more out of the box designs that work.

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